1943 Report Orange County Chapter American Red Cross

1943 Report Orange County Chapter American Red Cross

December 13, 2015

The 1943 Report of the Orange County Chapter of the American Red Cross begins with the list of Officers, Directors and Committee Chairmen and continues with the Chapter Chairman's Report. 

"The members of the Orange County Chapter American Red Cross: The reports of the eighteen committees and services of our chapter on the following pages well merit your careful study. It has been inspiring to see these women at work and their accomplishments add up to surprising totals. Our Chapter has kept in step with thewar effort. Every quota set by the War Department and National Red Corss has been met promptly, thanks to some quarter million hours of volunteer service by thousands of Orange County women adn school children in the past year..."

Names mentioned in the 1943 Report: A. T. McKay, W. J. Capehart, C. E. Willard, Mrs. Fred T. Johnson, W. T. Horan, O. A. Boon, B. R. Coleman, Mrs. L. B. Fort, Mrs. John Freeman, Raymond Greene, Mrs. Carl J ackson, Dean Melville Johnson, Mrs. Loomis Leedy, Dr. Meredith Mallory, Mrs. Hudson McReynolds, Phil Peters, Rabbi Morris Skop, O. P. Swope, Mrs. George Allen, Martin Andersen, Corbin Ballentine, Crawford Bickford, Mrs. J . T. Branham, J. C. Brossier, N. Addison Baker, I. N. Burman, Harry N. Dickson, H. W. Dorsey, John C. Haley, Louis Hornstein, Mrs. Vivian Kitchen, John Masek, R. C. Baker, Mrs. Hibbard Casselberry, Charles H. MacDowell, Harry Wheeler Stone, Lt. George Johnson, Mrs. Pettus Lee, Dewitt Miller, Mrs. Edwin Miller, Mrs. C. D. McAllister, Mrs.  H. D. Ownby, Mrs. Louis Orr, Mrs. R. C. Pribble, Mrs. Sam Ricker, Lt. Vernon Rogers, F. Burton Smith, W. R. Smith, Miss Margaret Way, N. P. Yowell, Mrs. Willie Morrow, Mrs. Georgia F. Hammond, V. L. Rogers, Carl Rodenbaugh, Corbin C. Ballentine, Crawford Bickford, Mrs. Sam Ricker, Mrs. J oseph B. Whitfield, Mrs. John Freeman, Mrs. Martin Andersen, Mrs. Adele C. Lee, Mrs. Florence McAllister, Mrs. L. C. Nicholson, Mrs. S.  Harold Johnson, Mrs. J. S. Pope, Mrs. L. E. Lott, Mrs. W. T. Bland, Mrs. E. S. Bridges, Mrs. L. B. Fort, Mrs. Harold V. Condict, Mrs. E. T. Powell, Mrs. C. A. Simonds, Mrs. Crowe, Mrs. Elbert Adams, Mrs.  Harold Lyons Mrs. D. E. Wheeler, Mrs. C. R. Hilpert, Mrs. E. S. Bridges, Mrs. Wilbur Flower, Mrs. L. B. Fort, Mrs. Caroline Ford, Mrs. J. Q. Hedgepeth, Mrs. Z. V. Raulerson, Miss Agnes Miller, Mrs. G. W. Swenson, Mrs. F. E. Godfrey, Mrs. E. M. Brown, Mrs. Richard Firestone, Mrs. M. J. Moss, Jr., Mrs. J. B. Whitfield, Mrs. Matilda Campbell, Mrs. Ben Fishback, Dean Cleveland, Mr. Carter Bradford, Charles Limpus, Julian Howard, J. C. Robinson, Helen Way, Mrs. Bergert Ingley, J. C. Brossier, Dr. Meredith Mallory, Judson Walker, Mrs. Anna Lovell, Giles F. Lewis, J. L. Burgess, Sid M. Swope, Jack Pedrick, Miss Lavinia Fuller, Mrs. Georgia F. Hammond, Mrs. Pettus Lee, Mrs. Holloway Clark, Miss Ruby Tinker, Miss Cecile Miller, Mrs. Annie Mae Arendt, Mrs. A. H. Smith, Jr., Mrs. Josph Rutland, Mrs. Nelson Rokes, Mrs. George Kerr, Mrs. Doris Von Gal, Mrs. John J. McKenna, Mrs. Doris Freeman, Mrs. Frances Shortridge, Mrs. Charles O'Rork, Mrs. Mary Tew, Miss Mildred Bradley, Mrs. Francis J. Igou, Carl Rodenbaugh, Mrs. Joseph B. Whitfield, Mrs. Duncan T. McEwan, Mrs. J. Max Scott, Patricia Pattishall, Margaret Du Vall, Miss Louise Weeden, Mrs. L. I. Bartram, Mrs. M. C. Dendy, Mrs. W. L. Corkholl, Miss L. M. Chubb, W. T. Horan.

Peruse the 1943 report here. The 1946-47 report shows a dramatic shift from wartime activities to the care and support of returning veterans and their families. 

These items are part of the Orange County Associations file at the Orlando Public Library.

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