The College Yell, January 1932 through July 1932

The College Yell, January 1932 through July 1932

December 7, 2016

The second annual University Club Ball is now history. And what a history it is!

After the first ball, there was a widespread comment that such a function had been definitely established as the outstanding social occasion of the year. Yet, the enthusiasm with which our first ball was greeted was mild in comparison with manner in which the second annual ball was received.

It was held at the Orlando Country Club on the evening of Feb. 17. We were fortunate in being able to obtain the services of "Hod" Williams and his orchestra- eleven musicians par excellence. This group had previously played extended engagements at the Edgewater Beach Hotel, in Chicago....

From the front page of The College Yell, the official publication of The University Club of Orlando, March 16, 1932.

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