Orange County Chapter American Red Cross January 1946-April 1947

Orange County Chapter American Red Cross January 1946-April 1947

December 21, 2015

The Orange County Chapter American Red Cross Service Report covering January 1946 - April 1947 reflects the dramatic shift from war activities to helping meet the needs of veterans and their families. The report includes list of Chapter Officers, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Staff and the activities and services provided.

Community services were rendered to the following camps and hospitals: Station Hospital at OAB, Signal Hill, Base Operations AAFPGC, Pinecastle AA Field, Welch Convalescent Hospital, Banana River Naval Air Station, Jacksonville Naval Air Station Hospital, Lake City Veterans Hospital. Canteen service was given at: Pinecastle Army Air Base, Orlando Air Base Station Hospital, Pinecastle, Signal Hill, and Orlando Air Base Servicemen's Center. Nurses Aides served at: Orange Memorial Hospital, Floria Sanitorium, Crippled Children's Clinic and OAB Station Hospital.

This publication is located in the Orange County - Associations - Red Cross file at the Orlando Public Library or you may peruse it here.

Names mentioned: A. P. Clark, Mrs. C. Womble, Lloyd Gahr, Mrs. Leon B. Fort, Mrs. E. G. Langston James B. Keith, W. T. Horan, Tazyetta Coon, Mrs. Frank Roper, Mrs. L. B. McLeod, Mrs. Louis Orr, Walton McJordan, Dr. Kathryn A. Hanna, W. J. Capehart, Tom G. Lee, Robert Hammond, Mrs. John Freeman, Rabbi Morris Skop, Dean Melville Johnson, Raymond Greene, Mrs. J. B. Dyer, Roy A. Miller, Miss Catherine McDonald, C. M. Farrell, Mrs. E. Harold Johnson, Mrs. C. C. Magruder, Mrs. Juanita Tucker, C. L. Stanford, Mrs. K. N. McPherson, Mrs. Chas. H. MacDowell, Mrs. Emma Burden, Mrs. W. D. Lovelady, C. T. Bickford, Mrs. S. W. Speer, H. Warfield Dorsey, Horace Newman, O. P. Swope, J. C. Brossier, George F. White, Miss Marparet Piper, Mrs. H. M. Voorhis, Walter C. Lee, Mrs. Loomis Leedy, Mrs. Mel Casselberry, A. T. MacKay, C. Earnest Willard, Mrs. Harold Hoover, Mrs. H. J. McReynolds, Louis Hornstein, Mrs. J. T. branham, George S. Bradshaw, Mrs. Louis Orr, Mrs. H. M. Voorhis, A. T. MacKay, Mrs. H. J. McReynolds, Dean Melville Johnson, Mrs. Georgia F. Hammond, Art Heil, Mrs. Marie D. Cheesman, Mrs. Jewel Kennedy, Miss Helen D. Bennett, Mrs. Dorothy Irwin, Mrs. Eleanor Mixon, Mrs. Henrietta Beavers, Mrs. Marjorie Stirk, Mrs. Audra Arden, Mrs. Francis J. Igou, C. O. Andrews, Jr., Mrs. Martin Andersen, Carl D. Hoffman, W. Kenneth Miller, L. Frank Roper, Morris A. Skop, Mrs. Ada Wichtendahl, H. P. Danforth, Charles Limpus, Miss Emma Lundgren, Dr. Frank Fray, Mrs. Olivia Todd, Mike Thomas, Mrs. Anna Lovell, Paul Dixon, A. C. Slaughter, A. T. Coith, Sidney M. Swope, Mrs. D. D. Riddle, Mrs. Pettus Lee, Miss Evelyne Sands, Mrs. Virginia Barker,  Mrs. Kat Hatch, Mrs. L. E. Lott, Mrs. Eugene Eubank, Mrs. Rocher Chappell, Mrs. Herbert Sanderson, Mrs. David Wheeler, Mrs. J. Q. Hedgepeth, Mrs. E. S. Bridges, Mrs. Clara Drake, Miss Carolyn Ford, Mrs. Z. V. Raulerson, Mrs. Ethel Elliot, Mrs. W. H. Larence, Miss Ethel Otis, Mrs. J. B. Whitfield, Mrs. H. O. Moats, Mrs. John Freeman, Mrs. Mark Fleming, Mrs. Betty Arendt, Mrs. Joseph P. Rutland, Mrs. L. B. Fort, Mrs. Clarence Magruder, Mrs. H. H. Parrish, C. C. Ballentine, Lt. V. L. Rogers, Paul Dixon, James B. Keith, John Masek, Don Evans, W. T. Horan.

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