The Orlando Story

The Orlando Story

July 7, 2012

Full page advertisement in the Orlando Morning Sentinel published on 11 August 1949, promoting a movie created about daily life in Orlando called "The Orlando Story."  The film was shown for three days - August 11, 12, and 13 at both the Beacham and the Roxy Theatres. In this day and age when every day activities are shown on YouTube, it's hard to imagine the excitement about this movie.

The full page ad had a great deal of hype:

"The Orlando Story"

Starring our friends, neighbors and acquaintances as tey go about their daily duties in Orlando.

You may see yourself in moving pictures! Maybe you'l see yourself in this thrilling moving picture - certainly many of your friends and neighbors. These scenes were shot by Don Parrisher Motion Picture Productions, of New York, some months ago; now you can see them on the Beacham and Roxy screens, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, and at the Grand Theatre next week.

Be sure to see this picture; see Orlando as it works, plays, learns and worships. Learn things about your city that you never knew before. Get close ups of your local merchants. Incidentally, here's a fine chance to learn more of the shopping facilities of Your make a resolution to patronize YOUR local merchants, to sponsor local worthwhile orgianizations and help build a bigger and better Orlando.'s YOUR HOME TOWN.