The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1963

The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1963

November 29, 2016

By the end of 1963 the Club should reach its full growth
-650 resident members. Thus the expansion program envisioned
five years ago will be completed.

     In the last three years our new club building has served
us well, and added greatly to the fuller participation and
enjoyment of the members. The following functions and
facilities are now offered:
Dining room and bar - weekday luncheons and Tuesday
evening dinners (special dinner with guests every 4 to 6
weeks); Game rooms - cards) pool, billiards, and snooker;
Athletic facilities - handball, squash, exercise equipment,
steam room and masseur; Dinner dances-four a year, one
each season (popular occasions well attended by the membership
); Private parties (as approved by the Board, not
unduly interfering with members' use); Reciprocal Arrangement-
with out-of-town Clubs; and Special events.

     Any suggestions you have which would encourage
membership participation or improve the over-all Club program
will be helpful to your Board.

     To further one of the Club's founding objectives, namely,
aid to higher education, the Board is studying a plan to
substantially increase the funds available for this [purpose.
This should permit broadening as well as increasing our
program of assistance in this field.

     In the final analysis, the continued vitality of your Club
is primarily in the hands of every member. The extent to
which each member uses the Club facilities is most important,
Second is the responsibility of each member to
propose for membership outstanding men of the community.
We should soon have a waiting list. The stability and continued
prestige of the University Club depends largely on
active participating membership and a backlog of qualified
future members.

     It has been an honor to serve as President of the University
Club, and a pleasure to work with the capable members
of the Board. They have given much time and their
best judgment in guiding the management of the Club.



The President's Message by Nelson R. Boice, JR., President, 1963, page 10 of The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1963. READ.

Contents includes:

List of Officers


Former Presidents with Dates of Election

Standing Committees

Special Committees

History of the Club

President's Message

Charter of The University Club


The University Club of Orlando House Rules

University Club Members


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