The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1964

The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1964

November 29, 2016

It was my privilege on becoming President of the Club
to take on a healthy going concern with few really important
problems. It was sound financially, had a good membership
and a varied program. The job of the incoming
officers and board was merely to keep things going and,
where possible, improve them. Membership has hovered
around the 625 mark, some 25 below the ceiling of 650
which we have set as the optimum number - physically
and financially. Many fine new members have joined the
club, but the unfortunate attrition caused by transfers from
town, deaths and unavoidable resignations has kept the
total at this approximate level. Thus, there are 25 vacancies
in the Club which should be filled with our business associates,
relatives and friends for our enjoyment and theirs.

     Continuing the work of the past administration, and
under the very capable leadership of House Chairman Ivan
Morgan and Architect Dick Rogers, we finally waterproofed
the building and eliminated the major problem confronting
us, paying for such work without an assessment. Plans are
under way for a barber shop using part of the space now
used by the "Quiet" room. It will be complete with manicurist
and shoe shine service. It should be ready within the
next month or so.

     The Club is temporarily without the services of a masseur
due to the unfortunate illness of Tom Pittman, who
had held this position. We hope to have a replacement soon
and to provide a wide range of services, including rubdowns
as well as full massages. Perhaps he also should be
a trainer so he could help our handball injured (including
your President).

     The Entertainment Committee, under LeRoy Dickson,
has done a fine job. Special guest nights, with programs
where possible, have been emphasized and have met with
considerable success. The quarterly dinner dances have
been thoroughly enjoyed by all.

     Under Bob Trumbo's Sports Committee, the usual
tournaments in pool, snooker, handball and table tennis
have been held or are pending. A gin rummy tournament
has been put on for the first time in many years under the enthusiastic leadership of Mel Wolf, and a doubles tournament is in the mill.

     Due to the fine efforts of Jimmy Rush and our Literary,
Educational and Scholarship Committee, and an assist from
the winners of the gin rummy tournament (who donated
$160.00 in prizes to the committee), we were able to contribute
$460.00 to Orlando Junior College this year. Next
year we plan to have a voluntary scholarship program
which we hope will raise much more money for this type
worthy purpose.

     Thanks to Hewen Lasseter, we were able to revive our
publication of the University Club News after a lapse of
many years. It has met with a very favorable response and
we are deeply indebted to Hewen and his Committee....

From The President's Message by David W. Hedrick, President, 1964, page 10 of The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1964. READ.

Contents includes:

List of Officers


Former Presidents with Dates of Election

Standing Committees

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History of the Club

President's Message

Charter of The University Club


The University Club of Orlando House Rules

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