The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1967

The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1967

November 29, 2016

As we embark on our forty-first year, we can all be
justly proud of our Club founded in 1926 by a small cadre
of dedicated University men and leading citizens of this
community. The University Club has paralleled the tremendous
growth of Orlando. Our Club remains filled at
six hundred fifty members, with a waiting list of qualified
applicants. The caliber of our membership has been maintained
on the criteria formulated by our founding fathers
and predecessors. The University Club is a direct reflection of the fibre of real Orlando.

The University Club in the year 1967 maintains an
enviable fiscally sound financial position. Our Club's interests
are becoming more varied and the Club's services
more broad.

The University Club will continue to grow with Orlando.

Your Club is to be used, enjoyed and to be proud of!


The President's Message by Robert S. Trumbo, President, 1967, page 7 of The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1967. READ.

Contents includes:

List of Officers


Standing Committees

Reciprocal Clubs

President's Message

Former Presidents with Dates of Election

History of the Club

Charter of The University Club


The University Club of Orlando House Rules

Club Championships

University Club Members


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