The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1972-1973

The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1972-1973

November 30, 2016

The years 1972 and 1973 for your University Club
were most active. The first major expansion to the
Clubhouse since its construction some 13 years ago
was completed.
A dining room, capable of being divided into two single
private dining rooms, was designated as the "President's
Room" in a dinner dedication attended by the
Club's Past Presidents, Charter Members and Honorary
Members. This additional facility will enable us
to encourage small private parties sponsored by members
of your club. We are staffed and equipped for
greater use of our facilities.
The upstairs addition includes a maple singles squash
court and a well lighted and modern equipped exercise
room. Certain remodeling was done in the Club
with the addition of ventilated lockers, new shower facilities
and a large whirlpool. Certain major items of
equipment replacement were also accomplished as well
as other refurbishing to the Clubhouse.
All of these items amounted to approximately $160,000,
which was the amount of the recent $250 stock increase.
Minor price adjustments have been necessary because
of advancing costs in all areas. The present membership
ceiling is 700. We have nearly reached this goal
with only a few openings. This is an excellent opportunity
for a member to submit a friend or business
acquaintance for membership.
Participation in the Clubhouse facilities is slightly up
and because of this and price adjustments, your Club
operated in the black for the first time in several years.
Your Board is hopeful of making this a regular occurence.
Your "Men's Club" has been open for monthly Friday night
dances which have been extremely well attended and will be continued.
We have an outstanding Club with a loyal and dedicated staff.
By your participation and attendance at the various functions, your Club will remain the
the most prestigious Club in Orlando.

President 1972
President 1973

The President's Message by Lawrence R. Condict, President, 1972, and William E. Davis, President, 1973, on page 6 of The University Club of Orlando Year Book, 1972-1973. READ.

Contents includes:

List of Officers


Standing Committees

President's Message

Former Presidents with Dates of Election

History of the Club

Charter of The University Club


The University Club of Orlando House Rules

Club Championships

University Club Members

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