Bill Eagan, David Eagan, and Robert Eagan

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Bill Eagan, David Eagan, and Robert Eagan

Bill Eagan, David Eagan, and Robert Eagan

March 9, 2016

The Eagan brothers, pictured from left to right are: Orlando Attorney William L. Eagan of Arnold, Matheny, and Eagan, P. A., School Principal and Coach David Eagan, and State Attorney J. Robert Eagan.

Listen as Bill Eagan describes growing up in Florida with his brothers in this excerpt from an oral history interview at The University Club of Orlando on February 26, 2016.

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I am originally from Tampa, Florida. I am a Florida native. I was born in Tampa, Florida in what they call Harbor View area along Tampa Bay... Yes, it's a very pretty area. Bay Shore area was beautiful in Tampa....

My father was a fisherman, an outdoor sportsman so we very early started in all sorts of outdoor sports, hunting and fishing. And we spent a lot of time outdoors, used to keep a lot of dogs, chase rabbits, and whatever. Spent a lot of time in Brooksville Hammock, squirrel hunting, and fishing in Tampa Bay, that area in the Gulf. So our recreation was mostly outdoor sports. We didn't have much in the way of baseball teams or softball teams, occasional sandlot football, mostly outdoor stuff....

I had two brothers, no sisters. They all enjoyed outdoor sports... my older brother and I were about two years separated, we were very close. My younger brother was further apart, three plus years behind so his whole spectrum of sports was a little different than ours. He was more into the organized sports: baseball, softball, football, instead of hunting and fishing as much. He later became involved in fishing.


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