Blue Tip Brand, Citrus Crate Label

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Blue Tip Brand, Citrus Crate Label

Blue Tip Brand, Citrus Crate Label

June 25, 2017

Blue Tip Brand, West Orange Citrus Growers Orange Crate Label from the Jerry Chicone, Jr. citrus label collection currently on display at the Orlando Public Library through the summer 2017.

Listen as Jerry Chicone, Jr. describes how he got started collecting citrus labels in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Mr. Chicone at the Orlando Public Library on February 20, 2017.

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They had on PBS, they kept having spots and they said,"Save some history, especially paper history." So I knew most of the packing house owners. And so, I went around to the front door and spoke to the owner who I usually knew. Told him I was starting to collect citrus labels and I'd like to get a few of theirs. They thought they had something valuable and they weren't really too helpful in sharing those.

So then I started going around to the back door and seeing the maintenance man. And I said, "How about some labels?" He said, "Follow me." And so they'd take me up in the attic. I'd walk out with a great big box of labels. And then, a friend from California invited me to come out there and speak to their club on citrus labels.

So I went out and I met a young fellow out there that was also starting to collect California labels. And he, Schmidt engraving was a huge engraver in the country in those days, and they had a big plant in San Francisco. So he knew that and he knew the widow of one of the owners. He knew where she lived. And he became friendly with her. And when she passed away, her caretaker called my friend and took a truck and went in there and got all kinds of labels including Florida labels.

So I invited him to Florida and we had a big label show. We did trading of labels more than anything then. Now they sell them. It's kind of a different world. I've just given - last year - all my labels to the University of Florida Special Collections which is the best thing I ever did because they digitized them all and they've had classes come in.... But I met a lot of people all over the state who collect labels. It was a great hobby and I was happy to be involved with it. I wrote a couple of books about that also.

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