Brent Bachand and the Caparisoned Horse

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Brent Bachand and the Caparisoned Horse

Brent Bachand and the Caparisoned Horse

August 4, 2016

Florida horseman Brent Bachand relates his patriotism in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Mr. Bachand at the Orlando Public Library on August 2, 2016.

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How did you get started presenting for patriotic events in our community?

My brothers were in the military. My brother Bernie was in the United States Navy. My brother Jeff was in the United States Army. When I was a young man, this was in Vietnam, and I watched, we went to Mayport and I watched my brother get shipped out for the Navy. And went down here to McCoy Air Force Base and watched my brother Jeff get shipped out. So that's what really started my patriotism. I joined the U.S.. Army and I was in for two years.... My dad was in the U.S.. Navy. He was on a ship called the USS. Edwards. He was like a head electrician.... When they buried Ronald Reagan, I watched that. And I took my Spice horse, and this horse, Banjo,

I put an American flag over his back and I started riding down Highway 50 with my other horse and pony and that's where I've been ever since is riding up and down roads with the American flag not for anybody but me. Just to show my respect and honors for those people....

I normally go to Greenwood Cemetery. I have relatives that are buried there and they put on a great Memorial Day service and its very respectful of our service men and women. And what I'm doing here - this is called the - see how the boots are backwards. That's what I do. Which is known as the riderless horse.

Photo courtesy of the Brent Bachand Archives.

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