Brent Bachand and Pony, 1963

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Brent Bachand and Pony, 1963

Brent Bachand and Pony, 1963

February 14, 2017

Arabian Knights horse performer Brent Bachand recalls his first pony experience in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Florida horse trainer and performer Brent Bachand at the Orlando Public Library on August 2, 2016.

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This picture is on a street called Lancashire Lane which is right off Conway Road. It's 1963 so I am six years old right here. A man is walking down the street with this pony and this outfit and I already had the hat and for fifty cents he took pictures on the pony. My brother got one. The guy down the street got one. He did this all over the place. So this is, I think it's September of 1963. It was right before John F. Kennedy got killed because I was in the first grade. So when I came off of that horse I looked at my mom who gave me the fifty cents - and that was a lot of money in 1963 - to dig up a dollar for me and my brother to have our pictures taken. But as soon as I saw them I was like I don't want no ice cream ever. I want this. When the ice cream truck comes by I don't want one. I want this. Take all my fifty cents. Take whatever money it is, I'll do whatever it takes to get that right there. So I jumped on there and I got my picture taken and when I got off of that horse I looked at my mom and said, "I'm a cowboy!" And that was what I was from that point on....

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I noticed Brent's pony pic in 1963 was taken at the same time period of my wife's pic when she was 6-7 in Daetwyler, south Lake Conway.   Same outfit, different pony.  Orlando Memory is great.

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