Childhood Photo of Orlando Architect Donovan Dean

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Childhood Photo of Orlando Architect Donovan Dean

Childhood Photo of Orlando Architect Donovan Dean

November 17, 2016

Orlando native Donovan Dean describes his memories of his childhood home in College Park in this excerpt from an oral history interview at The University Club of Orlando on June 23, 2016.

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College Park Home

My dad was a licensed contractor up in Illinois and when he became sick the doctors told him to move south because he'd never see the age of 35. He went over to the ocean and sat in the ocean and healed his wounds. He's loved Florida ever since. They built a house on the southeast corner of Yale and Depauw. A little small one story house. I remember my bedroom especially. I was two years old, two and a half when we moved to Lakeland. The bedroom I shared with my brother, we had bunk beds, he had the top bed and I had the bottom bed, but I remember there was a round window in the bedroom and that house still exists today. It's one house off the southeast corner. My granddad used to come down and take me for wagon rides with my little red wagon up and down the sidewalks there of that street....

Photo courtesy of the Donovan Dean Archives.

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