The Dean Family at Scout Camp

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The Dean Family at Scout Camp

The Dean Family at Scout Camp

November 17, 2016

Architect Donovan Dean with his wife, Mary Ann Dean, and their two children, Patrick Donovan Dean, Junior, right side, and Gregory Lee Dean at scout camp in Florida.

Listen as the Orlando native describes the joy of Florida's natural landscape in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Mr. Dean at The University Club of Orlando on June 23, 2016.

LISTEN Part IV (21:45)

 I love Florida. I love Central Florida and water and boating. But I don't want to live on the coast. I want to be in where it's green and lush. It's home....

When I saw all the rivers and waters the first thing we did when we got here, we rented a house and bought a boat. We bought a boat on Lake Mizell from a college professor sold it. He took us through the Winter Park chain of lakes on the boat and sold me! Bam! I gotta have it... I still take people. We've got friends all over that come from France and Pittsburgh, anyway we always take them to the Winter Park chain, stick them in a boat. "Gosh, I didn't know that this existed. Only thing I knew about Orlando was Disney." Well, this is Central Florida guys. Come here, look, see....

Photo courtesy of the Donovan Dean Archives.

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