Donovan Dean High School Photo

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Donovan Dean High School Photo

Donovan Dean High School Photo

November 18, 2016

High school photo of Orlando native Donovan Dean.

Listen as he describes his high school activities in this excerpt from an oral history interview with the Florida architect at The University Club of Orlando on June 23, 2016.

LISTEN Part I (19:17)

I was a diver and a swimmer. I even dove for the Georgia Tech Swimming Team my freshman year. [So that's where you went to school? Georgia Tech?] I went to Georgia Tech. Finished high school in '57. I was active in school. I couldn't get into Georgia Tech today based on my grades. I guess I must have done okay on the SAT's or whatever the comparable was at that time. Plus I was so active in school. I played a little sports. I was too small. I was always the shortest kid in my class growing up. I was kind of a clown and a monkey. But I became class treasurer and all kinds of activities. Art editor on the annual, involved in Junior Exchange Club. I played tennis for the high school team. I taught myself to play tennis when I was in the 9th grade. I couldn't play basketball I was too short, elbows in my eyes. And football, I weighed a 135 pounds when I graduated from high school. So anyway, I was fairly quick. I ran a quick 100. I was not very good at distance. 440's were killer for me....

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