The Florida Spa Staff

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The Florida Spa Staff

The Florida Spa Staff

May 29, 2015

A rare look behind the scenes at the staff hard at work in the kitchen at The Florida Spa, circa 1970's.

Dr. Weinsier's wife, Ruth Weinsier, is pictured on the left in the photo.

The Florida Health Conservatory was started in the 1930's by Dr. S.C. Weinsier, a naturopathic physician and pioneer.

Patients would come from the north at the recommendation of Dr. Max Warmbrand to visit The Florida Health Conservatory located in South Orlando to rejuvenate their health.

Dr. Weinsier, supervised guests in the health practices of fresh and healthy natural foods, regular exercise, judicious sunbathing, sun and air, and complete physical and physiological rest.

LISTEN (17:07) to Richard Weinsier's oral history interview recorded at the 90th Anniversary Celebration of Belle Isle, as he remembers life at his parents' health resort.

Excerpt: So the health part of it was the people that were a patient of Dr. Max Warmbrand who lived in Connecticut. And he also had an office in New York City as I remember it. And when he felt a patient could be better off or could improve their health by coming to the health conservatory, he would mention it, make note of it, and then send all the information down to my father who would then talk to them, request them, and send them all the brochures and everything….
They would come there, we had a place that you could get massages. There was a sun room. I think today like tanning sessions which is a dangerous thing, but it was not that strong at that point. And then we had a little gym there. But it was mostly food. Because my father was a vegetarian and he would try to do as much of that as possible. The people would come, they would stay anywhere from a week to the five to six months that we were open. So people I think just lived there. I knew them so well they were part of the family they were there so often. But primarily it was just the food process. You said pioneer. Being vegetarian it was always embarrassing when I’d go out to dinner everybody else is ordering all these meats and hamburgers and hot dogs which I’ve never really had. I’ve tasted them I’m sure, but I can’t understand how anyone could eat that whole thing. So he was using his food primarily as his thing. But as the years went by, nowadays and even as the spa was starting to close, it was becoming more of an everyday thing. I mean you can’t go anyplace today and not have the menu be vegetarian and which one has less calories in it and which one has better cholesterol. I think that’s what he was working with primarily. They would come in and get all their blood tests just like we do today and he would do all that for them. Then he would give them a menu that would make them better off when they left.

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