Glenda Evans Photographing the Eclipse, January 30, 1952

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Glenda Evans Photographing the Eclipse, January 30, 1952

Glenda Evans Photographing the Eclipse, January 30, 1952

December 2, 2017

Orlando native Glenda Evans, age 3, with her father, Charles Evans, photographing the eclipse in this 1952 photo.

Listen as the Honorable Glenda Evans Hood describes her family's Orlando camera shop in the excerpt from an oral history interview with the Honorable Glenda Evans Hood at the Orlando Public Library on October 25, 2017.

LISTEN  Part  I  (21:05)                                                                                                                                                                            

My dad took over Grandfather Bowstead's camera shop. My Grandfather Bowstead's hobby was photography and so when he and my maternal grandmother moved from Chicago to Orlando with my mom back in the late twenties, early thirties, he opened a camera shop as a hobby in downtown Orlando.

And it was kind of one of those places where people would come and sit and talk about their hobby of photography. And while I don't remember my grandfather, because as I said he died when I was two or three years old, I do remember lots of fun times at the camera shop. Because when my mom and dad took over the business, I spent lots of time there with my mother when she would pick me up at Cathedral School I'd go sit at the camera shop. And so, I met lots of people and a lot of the people I met were parents of friends that I had from all over the community.

And then when I was in high school, I would go and work in the camera shop. So I would work there on Saturdays or on holidays and it taught me about business. It taught me about retail business. And also it really taught me a lot of skill sets as far as how you get along with people; how you negotiate with people and the like. So I appreciate that.... (Text highlights from audio recording.)

The Honorable Glenda Evans Hood became the first female Mayor of Orlando in 1992 and the youngest elected Mayor of Orlando. The Honorable Glenda Evans Hood served three consecutive terms as Mayor of the City of Orlando, 1992-2003. In 2003, she took on the responsibilities of Secretary of State of Florida where she served from 2003-2005. She is a founding partner of TriSect, LLC. Currently, she is a Global Governing Trustee for the Urban Land Insitute.  

Photo Courtesy of the Honorable Glenda Evans Hood Archives 

Photo Caption: (RLI) ORLANDO. FLA. Jan. 30 - DADDY"S LITTLE HELPER-- Glenda Evans, three year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Evans, of Orlando stayed up a bit later than usual last night to lend Daddy a hand in "shooting the Moon", clad in sleepers, Glenda stands her ground amid the maze of tripods supporting Charles Evans's professional equipment and takes a shot with her trusty box camera. Glenda is not sure just what an Eclipse is but she wasn't going to miss shooting with all those other cameras around. AP Wirephoto. 1952



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