Lakeview High School FFA Quartet 1951 State Champions

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Lakeview High School FFA Quartet 1951 State Champions

Lakeview High School FFA Quartet 1951 State Champions

June 10, 2017

Larry Grimes is pictured to the far left in this 1951 photo of the local Lakeview High School FFA Quartet from Winter Garden, Florida.

The quartet won first place in the state of Florida in 1951. The photo was taken in Ocala.

Pictured from left to right are: Larry Grimes - realtor, LeRoy L. B. Hucklebee - pool man, Dr. John Arnold - cardiologist, John Sewall - Orlando attorney.

Larry Grimes describes his first dentist visit to Dr. Arnold, John Arnold's father, in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Larry Grimes at the Orlando Public Library on February 20, 2017.   

LISTEN Part II (17:41)

Dr. Arnold

The first time I went to a dentist in Winter Garden it was Dr. Arnold. And he had a son a grade ahead of me that was in an FFA quartet that won a first place in the state of Florida. But, anyway his office was upstairs in what they called back then the Black Building. A family in Lake County I think built the building. And there last name was Black so it was the Black Building. Anyway, I'd never been to a dentist, never seen inside of one. And I got in that chair and I was about six years old. I'd been complaining about this toothache. And so mother took me up there and I got in the chair and he was going to fill it, you know. And he turned that drill on, well, back then they had two small leather straps that drove the drill and when he turned that thing on, the leather straps were hooked together. There were metal clamps and they would click. And that thing would click, click, click. And boy, when I saw that thing going like that and he was coming at me with it. I jumped out of the chair, took those stairs down three at a time and I ran three blocks to my granddaddy's house and hid in the bushes. And they never got me back in there again.

$5.00 Biplane Ride

The next time I went to a dentist it took pure bribery. They found a dentist in Clermont. Well, it just so happens that there was somebody in Clermont that for $5.00 they would take you up in there biplane, a small plane. And I said, "If I'm going to the dentist can I fly in the plane?" "Okay." So they took me and I went and I got to fly in my first airplane when I was maybe eight years old or so. I don't remember anything except taking off and landing and seeing all the countryside from that high up because that was most unusual...

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