Memorandum by Judge Akerman for Mr. Beggs

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Memorandum by Judge Akerman for Mr. Beggs

Memorandum by Judge Akerman for Mr. Beggs

August 31, 2012

History of the establishment of the Federal Court for the Orlando District. Memorandum by Judge Akerman for Mr. Beggs, Postmaster General, covering the history of the building. (Page 1  shown here   and Page 2  View.)


About 1928 the matter of establishing a division for the holding of the United States District Court at Orlando was brought up before the Bar Association, and Committee from the Bar Association was appointed to urge the matter. I cannot at this time recall the names of all on that Committee, but Mr. Raymer Maguire and I were on the Committee.

We took the matter up with Congressman Sears, and he introduced a bill providing for the holding of terms of Court at Orlando, and then the Bar Committee went before the County Commissioners, and got the County Commissioners to pass a resolution pleging the use of suitable quarters in the County Court House for the holding of Court until a Government building was erected. In that matter we were ably assisted by Mr. Louie C. Massey who at that time was attorney for the Commissioners.

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