Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Dean Celebrate Christmas

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Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Dean Celebrate Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Dean Celebrate Christmas

December 21, 2016

Architect Donovan Dean and his wife, Mary Ann Dean, celebrate Christmas with friends at The University Club of Orlando Annual Christmas Party, circa 1970s.

Listen as the Orlando native describes The University Club Christmas parties in this excerpt from an oral history interview on June 23, 2016.

LISTEN Part III (20:46)

Christmas Party

But the highlight of the year for the club, the social highlight, was always the Christmas Party. Man, the ladies would get all dolled up and it was a big social event. People did not want to miss that. The rooms were so crammed full you couldn't move. We had ice carvings and food tables everywhere. Steve, our massage guy up there, was an ice carver back then. He was a waiter at the tables and he would get out a chain saw and carve ice and chip it and make these beautiful ice carvings and centerpieces for the food tables....

Photo courtesy of the Donovan Dean Archives.

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