Mrs. Marian Dean

Mrs. Marian Dean

December 22, 2016

Mrs. Marian Dean, wife of Florida architect, Donovan Dean, who designed Saint James Cathedral, and hundreds of churches throughout the state.

Mr. Dean was the architect on the original Publix Supermarket which is now Colonial Photo and Hobby. He designed many of the Publix buildings including the Publix headquarters in Lakeland.

His son, Donovan Dean, also became a successful architect here in Florida.

Donovan Dean relates how his mother, Marian Dean, gave him wise counsel regarding his decision to study architecture like his father. Listen to this excerpt from an oral history interview with Mr. Dean at The University Club of Orlando, June 23, 2016.

LISTEN Part I (19:17)

I was going to be an artist. I wanted to go to California in art school and be a commercial artist. And mom sat me down one day and said, "You know, architecture's been good to your dad. It makes an income." She knew some starving artists and she said, "You can always go back and become an artist. Let's go get a degree in architecture." So mom was the leveling influence in my family. Dad was the outdoorsman. He was just a sweetheart. He was just a gentleman. I got accepted to University of Florida and went up and saw the Architecture Department at University of Florida at the time which was Quonset huts, old metal, round, half tube Quonset huts. Two of them were the architecture department. I had come home and said.. I had applied to Tech but didn't hear back from them until late in my senior year, just before summer started. So my folks sent me on a plane by myself up to Atlanta. First time I'd ever been on a commercial plane. It was a super conny is what they called them at the time. It was a prop plane. I got on the plane, flew up to Atlanta. One of the guys from Lakeland who was in a fraternity up there at Tech picked me up at the airport, had a room for me in the fraternity house. Found out I was a tennis player in Atlanta. Fixed me up with some girl dates, friends of his from high school. We played tennis and I got to see all of Atlanta and I came home and said, "Mom and Dad there's another world out there." Little did I know how dog-eat-dog Tech was. In hindsight had I known I was going to come back to Orlando and practice here I'd been better off for contacts to have gone to Florida...

Photo courtesy of the Donovan Dean Archives.


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