Mrs. Mary Ann Dean

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Mrs. Mary Ann Dean

Mrs. Mary Ann Dean

December 22, 2016

Mary Ann Dean enjoying Florida leisure and the outdoor beauty of land and water.

Architect Donovan Dean and his wife, arts organizer, Mary Ann Dean, met when they were college students at Georgia Tech and Agnes Scott.

Listen as Mr. Dean describes meeting his wife in this excerpt from an oral history interview at The University Club of Orlando on June 23, 2016.

LISTEN Part II (19:57)

In fact, my wife Mary Ann Dean was Executive Director of the Orlando Civic Theater and Orlando Shakespeare Festival.... She spent 30 years in theater. She was a Spanish language major from Agnes Scott and that's how I met her at Tech. I was Rush Chairman for rounding up all the ladies to come help us rush at the fraternity for a couple years, so I knew most of the gals in town. Atlanta was wonderful. It was beautiful. It had great people. But my car after meeting Mary Ann knew automatically how to get from Georgia Tech to Agnes Scott College in Decatur. It was on automatic pilot. She was from Alabama and Kentucky and Georgia in the college, so she's a southern lady. She was switchboard operator, on scholarship, valedictorian of her high school. How she picked me, I don't know. Maybe opposites attract....

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