The Orr Family's Fort Gatlin Area Home

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The Orr Family's Fort Gatlin Area Home

The Orr Family's Fort Gatlin Area Home

November 3, 2016

Photo of the Fort Gatlin area home built by Dr. Louis Orr prior to World War II.

Listen as Orlando native Charley Wells describes growing up in this area and learning to ski with the Orr family in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Attorney Wells at his GrayRobinson law office in downtown Orlando, October 13, 2016.

LISTEN Part I (20:54) (Text highlights from audio recording.)

On the corner, or right where that plaque of Fort Gatlin, was a large home that had been built immediately before World War II by Dr. Louis Orr. [Is that the one with the "S" on it?] That's right. And Dr. Orr who was a urologist and had a practice after the war, he had been in WWII and had built this house before WWII began, came back and was later in the mid fifties the president of the American Medical Association from here in Orlando. And his son Donny, actually his name was Louis, but we called him Donny, and they had a daughter named Doris that was a year younger than I was, well, they had a ski boat and taught us all to ski.

In fact, Dr. Orr was so enthusiastic about it he built a ski jump. And Donny Orr became one of the skiers down at Cypress Gardens because he was so skilled at it. And his daughter Doris later married Richard Swann who is a lawyer here in Orlando and has been for many years. And so we waterskiied, we swam, we fished. We did the things that you do when you are fortunate enough to live on a sandy bottom lake. Because the lakes were a lot clearer and cleaner back before all the development occurred....

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