A Perry Family Photo, 1974

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A Perry Family Photo, 1974

A Perry Family Photo, 1974

March 9, 2017

James E. C. Perry with his wife, Adrienne Perry, their two sons, Jaimon and Willis, and his mother, far right.

Listen as Justice Perry describes his mother in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Florida Supreme Court Justice E. C. Perry at the Orlando Public Library on December 19, 2016.

LISTEN Part I (17:04)

My mother was a, I guess, she was a domestic servant. I read one Census report before I was born and she was apparently going to New Rochelle, New York to a family. She was a live in maid and they hired her as a domestic servant. And when she came back after I was born she didn't go back. She worked as a domestic servant for Miss Miles at the Queen Anne Hotel. She owned the hotel. She worked personally for her. And then she became a practical nurse and worked in hospitals doing the clean up work in the rooms while the patients were there in the rooms. I guess it was sort of janitorial, but you're around patients. And that's basically what she did. [I bet she was very caring to the patients.] Oh, she was very nurturing. I called her the Florence Nightingale of the family. Whenever anybody had a problem she would travel to New York, Philadelphia, wherever they were and she would take care of them.

Photo courtesy of the Florida Supreme Court Justice James E. C. Perry Archives.


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