Ponce de Leon Springs

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Ponce de Leon Springs

Ponce de Leon Springs

August 3, 2017

I think people come here and they see Disney, and they see Orlando, and they see all that, but they miss the just absolute stunning beauty of this state. The wildness of it, and the grace of it. You know, I talked earlier about the Live Oak trees with the Spanish Moss hanging on them, they're twisted, and gnarled and grey. And absolutely there's no two alike. And every one of them has such a distinct personality. And, I think, that may be that is why Florida is, I mean, we're the land of opportunity. People come here to dream big and you just don't see that every place else. And maybe that's because of the wildness of who we are. We're so young, yet in terms of metropolitan areas, we're still- I tell people all the time, I kind of liken the Orlando area to a gawky teenager. They kind of know what they're going to be, but there are still a lot of pieces missing. It's not defined yet. It's not settled yet. But, I think, one thing that defines this area in particular for me is just- nothing's off the table- you can dream it. It doesn't have to be done the way it's always been done which you see in areas that are far more settled without the dynamic shifts that we have here...

Listen as Orange County Commissioner Betsy VanderLey describes the stunning beauty of Florida and the optimism and opportunities of the Orlando area in this excerpt from an oral history interview with Orange County Commissioner Betsy VanderLey and her mother, Kay VanderLey, at the Orlando Public Library on April 14, 2017.

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Photo courtesy of the VanderLey Family Archives.



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