Technical Services Department

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Technical Services Department

Technical Services Department

June 21, 2014

The Technical Service Department of the Orange County Library System was located in an annex at 453 North Orange Avenue between Alexander and Amelia Streets. This is a photograph from some time around 1978 or later of the staff with Library Directory Glenn Miller holding a cake celebrating ????

It looks like it might read 300,000, 500,000 or 800,000 and the word Congratulations!

Liz Powell thinks it did say "Congratulations!" Mary Hubbard said: "Around that time, the library had begun using the DRA system to catalog and check out materials. I believe the cake was to celebrate something to do with this." 

Mr. Miller is the tall male in the very back towards the left, Left - Hazel Stephens, 2nd from left - Carol Goossen (married name Carol Darling), to her right is Terry Rogers. Mary Hubbard is 3rd from the right and Liz Powell is on the back row to the right of the cat poster. To the right of Liz in the front row is Gail or Gayle Mills, to her right is Wanda Whittington, and to Wanda's right is Carole Rossi. Lady holding cake - Valerie Stephens. Mary Hubbard identified one more person. She writes: "the lady to the right on the end is Pamela Schuller."

If you can identify any of the others in the photo or can add to the memory of that event, please DO!

Photo is from the personal collection of Glenda Houck, former library staff member.

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