Thomas Hughey and his wife Susan Barber

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Thomas Hughey and his wife Susan Barber

Thomas Hughey and his wife Susan Barber

February 14, 2017

Thomas Albert Hughey and his wife, Susan Barber, with their grandson Albert, circa 1870.

Listen as Thomas Hughey's great grandson, Ken Hughey, describes this family photo in these excerpts from an oral history interview with Ken Hughey at the Orlando Public Library on July 13, 2016.

LISTEN Part I (17:58)

John Hughey came from Tattnall County, Georgia to the Seminole County area in 1845. His son James Perry followed him down a few years later arrived in the Orlando area about 1855... and he homesteaded 160 acres on Lake Lucerne... A lot of his other brothers and sisters had moved down in this area. But the next generation moved on down to Osceola County. Thomas Hughey was one of his sons, who was my great grandfather.

LISTEN Part III (10:04)

This picture here with the elderly gentleman and the lady and the little boy in the white suit that is Thomas Albert Hughey and his wife Susan Barber, and that is their grandson Albert.... He was the son of James Perry Hughey that moved to Osceola County during the time that James Perry was here in Orlando. He bought a large tract of land in Osceola County... he signed the contract with the Army that he would not expect the Army to protect him from Indians. Seminole War was pretty much over, but there were still little skirmishes here and there. And the old family joke that went around was that his vision was getting kind of bad in his older age and he always would give the gun to his wife Susan because she was a better shot than he was. If that's true or not, I don't know, but that's what the old family always said....

Photo courtesy of the Hughey Family Archives

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