Lake Como Elementary School

Lake Como Elementary School

May 21, 2016

begins undergoing an extreme makeover this summer (2016.) The project is scheduled to take two years with a reopening for school year 2018-2019.

A large crowd of persons of all ages gathered on Saturday, May 21, 2016 to reminisce and say goodbye to the Lake Como Elementary School they have known. See the Orlando Sentinel photos.

The original front entrance, off Bumby Avenue. (1951-2016)

This school building opened in 1951with a student enrollment of 341. The students had been attending classes at Hillcrest Elementary, which was providing double sessions for the rapidly growing number of children on the east side of town.

This photo of a second grade class was submitted by Sherry Meadows Lewis. See larger image.

In 1968 the parents and teachers of Lake Como P.T.A. published a 58 page book, Love Under a Schoolhouse Roof, wanting to document “the history of a school which has meant so much to so many people.” (From the Introduction.) The book was dedicated to the school’s first principal, Opal Johnson, who, among other honors she received, was selected in 1960 as a representative to the White House Conference on Education.
Please follow this link to view Love Under a Schoolhouse Roof.


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