The Rosalind Club

The Rosalind Club

Created: December 17, 2015

According to the February/March 1974 edition of the "Central Scene" magazine, "Mrs. Cecil G. Butt, Mrs. E. M. (Miss Belle) Shephard (later Mrs. Edward Hauselt) and Mrs. L. P. (Miss Lucy) Lawrence came up with the bright idea that if the man could have a social club, so could the woman. They talked to other friends, and on February 15, 1894, twenty-three ladies met in the met in the Knights of Pythias Hall and the club which is now the Rosalind Club was formed."

"The club was not named Rosalind at first. It called itself the "Ladies Social Club of Orlando," but after a year, the members wanted something more meaningful. Remembering the close friendships between members and the "family" atmosphere of warmth and love, they coined the name "Wimodaughsis" - using the first letters of wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. Well, that tongue-twister of a name couldn't last, of course, and when Mrs. Anna Pell, a Shakespearean scholar, suggested the name of Rosalind as being appropriate inasmuch as Rosalind was the sweetheart of Orlando, her persuasive argument won -- and the Rosalind Club has flourished under that name to this day."

Looking through the 1926-1927 membership list of the Rosalind Club, Orlando's oldest private social club for women, is very much like perusing the index of any of the histories of Orlando. 

Names like Beacham, Beardall, Blackman, Branham, Bumby, Cheney, Dolive, Duckworth, Giles, Guernsey, Holden, Ives, McCoy, O'Neal, Warlow and the Library's own Olive Brumbaugh, jump off the page. 

Peruse the names in the 1926-1927 yearbook and think of them the next time you pass the Rosalind Club still located at 11 North Rosalind Avenue on the Southwest corner of Lake Eola Park. 

This item and additional yearbooks are available in the Orange County - Associations - Rosalind Club file at the Orlando Public Library or you  may peruse them here! Also look under DOCUMENTS below for other items of interest. 

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