Newton Pendleton Yowell

Newton Pendleton Yowell

Created: January 24, 2017

Newton Pendleton Yowell was born in Luray, Page County, Virginia on December 16, 1871. He was the first of five children of David and Susannah Yowell. In 1884, because of his father's serious illness the Yowell family moved to the Orlando area hoping that the Florida climate would improve his failing health. Newton's father purchased an orange grove south of town in the Lale Jessamine/Lake Jennie Jewel area. At the time Orlando had a popoulation of approximately 200...

From Newton Pendleton Yowell presented by his grandson, Robert N. Blackford to the Orlando Remembered group on January 18, 2017.  Read the presentation.

Newton Yowell
Date of Birth:
Dec 16, 1871
Date of Death:
Mar 8, 1960

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