Historic Orlando

Historic Orlando

Created: June 15, 2014

Explore the history of Orlando through photographs, histories, brochures, newspaper clippings, maps, postcards, and more.

Featuring images of Orlando from before the advent of the automobile when horse and buggies traversed the earthen streets all the way to the 1960s and a concise history published in the 1929 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook.

View the "Mayors' Gallery, City of Orlando" which provides a photograph and brief synopsis of the administrations of each of the mayors of Orlando from 1875 to 1975.

Learn about the early Jewish settlers in Orange County from 1875 to 1925 in this chronology created by Joseph Wittenstein.

Read excerpts from the 1895 South Florida Sentinel with index.

View historic Orlando and Orange County Maps like these:

1884 Business map of Orlando

1884 Panoramic map of Orlando

1890 Panoramic map of Orlando

Pre 1915 Orlando Street Map from "Orlando - The Charm of the South" FLORIDA 975.924 ORL

1926 Real Estate Developments Map

1926 Orlando Street Map and accompanying Street Directory

1934 Orange County Map including Township and Range

1934 Orlando Street Map

1935 Orange County Map including Township and Range

1937 Orlando Chamber of Commerce Map with Business Directory

View the pre 1915 publication Orlando - The Charm of the South. This brochure includes information on churches, clubs, government agencies and buildings, societies, sports and recreation, farming, real estate developments, schools and more. It also includes a number of photographs from lakes and businesses. 

View the Orlando Hotel Guide  circa 1930. This tourist brochure includes information about population, industries, schools, libraries, hospitals, transportation, newspapers, meeting places, fishing on Lake Apopka, shopping, utilities and more.

Advertisements feature local hotels with photographs of the buildings, including: Hotel Wyoming, Orange Court Hotel, San Juan Hotel, Angebilt Hotel, Hotel Lucerne, Jefferson Court Hotel, Empire Hotel, Fort Gatlin Hotel, The Amherst Apartments, The Flamingo - Orlando's Exclusive Dinner Club, Hotel Roberts, Rollins Press.

Orlando Brief. Around 1939, the Orlando Chamber of Commerce created a document with photos and information about Orlando and the surrounding area for presentation to the committee appointed by the United States War Department to investigate sites submitted for the establishment of a branch Air Base of the United States Army. The document includes typed information, original photographs, statistics and a map of the area.

Turn back the hands of time while you peruse Orlando area elementary and high school yearbooks.

Various Grand Avenue School yearbooks from 1926-2009

1924 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - The Echo

1926 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Las Memorias

1927 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Las Memorias

1928 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Las Memorias

1929 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Las Memorias

1930 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Las Memorias

1940 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Tigando

1942 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Tigando

1963 Colonial High School Yearbook - Advertisement Section

Take a walk down Memory Lane while you remember old Orlando and Orange County buildings circa 1960 though the lens of Tim Orwick.

In the early 1970s Hatabel Hyer (a member of one of Orlando's oldest families) was interested in recording the history of our community. Taking a portable audio recorder into the homes of older residents to record their stories, she created the Pioneer Party Line. The interest spread among the members of the Friends of the Orlando Public Library, who took on the project and it became the Oral History Program. Between 1975 and 1978, 84 interviews with Orlandoans, including T.G. Lee dairy owner and Harry P. Leu of Leu Gardens. Listen to recordings of these and other Orlando Pioneers as they reflect on life in Orlando when they were young.

Peruse the history of Azealea Park told through deeds, documents, maps, and images.

Explore the history of the Orange County Library System.

Explore all the links under DOCUMENTS and IMAGES below.


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