Carolyn Rosenblum

August 3, 2009
Photo appeared on the front page of the Apopka Chief on Friday 4 October 2002. L-R Kim Peters, Carolyn Rosenblum, Omar Elkalyoubie, Jennifer Myles and Jeanne Pettrey.
August 3, 2009
The North Orange - Apopka Library staff members under the management and with the encouragement of then manager Carolyn Rosenblum participated with great exuberance in the...
August 3, 2009
Not unlike photographs taken on Prom Night, attendees were encouraged to have their photos taken with Becky. Each attendee was given copies of photos as keepsakes and Becky...
June 2, 2008
Director Dorothy Field's retirement party in 2001. (Kathryn Robinson, Carolyn Rosenblum, Debbie Moss, Bob Tessier)